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About Coalition of Surf Clubs

Coalition of Surfing Clubs Conception:

 *   The Coalition of Surfing Clubs was conceived by three key members of the Doheny Longboard Surfing Association. The members involved were Henry Ford, Jim Caros, and Gene Eudaly, all playing very key roles in conceiving, planning, putting together and then presenting their “ideas” to the “Presidents Roundtable” before the Festival of Whales Contest at Salt Creek. The Meeting was held on Friday evening,  before the contest, March 6, 1992 at “The Villa” located in Dana Point, Ca.

 *   The presentation of the “idea” of forming a Coalition within the Presidents Roundtable was drafted and then presented to the forum at that meeting by Henry Ford, Jim Caros and Gene Eudaly (then President of DLSA). The minutes from that meeting were then transferred to the DLSA Newsletter, as well as being used in the drafting of formal letters which were then sent to each club that attended. Each letter covered the presentation and the following discussions and decisions from the Roundtable.

 *   Clubs that were in attendance were:  Santa Cruz Longboard Union with Dennis Taku as representative,  Swami’s Surfing Association with Mark Bolaski as representative,  Ventura with Mike Connlen & “Hawk” as their representatives,  Blackie’s,  Huntington Beach Longboard Crew,  Malibu Boardriders, and Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club. Other participants in attendance at the meeting were Jake Grubb of Surfrider Foundation,  Bob Bohanan of Longboarder Magazine,  Donna Oakley of Surfer Magazine, and Steve Pezman of Surfers Journal as well as other key figures.

 *   The above information was gathered and formed from the Doheny Longboard Surfing Association’s “PR and Newsletters archives”. We were able to form a timeline starting from the “thought process” in 1991 until the actual forming of the “idea” into reality as the Coalition Of Surfing Clubs in 1992. We continued the timeline to include the forming of the name, the designing of the patch, forming of bylaws and other key elements in the beginnings of the Coalition until 1994.