Welcome to the Doheny Longboard Surfing Association’s (DLSA). As the current Membership Chairman of the DLSA I want to welcome all current, past, honorary and prospective members. DLSA memberships run on a calendar year, i.e. from January 1, to December 31. Membership is voluntary and open to anyone who is interested in Surfing, be it longboard or shortboard. Interested members should have an active interest in keeping our oceans and beaches clean and be willing to volunteer in some of the many projects we get involved in to promote surfing in a clean and natural environment. Also our members are required to get involved in any of the many programs supporting Doheny State Beach. Your annual membership supports the many programs we fund and participate in with the state beach as well as our championship, but amateur, surf team.

  • January through March dues are payable at $50.00 per year.
  • Dues Received or postmarked April 1st or later are $75.00
  • For a student membership $25.00 per year.

Annual Dues are per family. This includes everyone in your immediate family (25 and under). Active members are allowed to vote in all elections and participate in all our inter-club activities and to purchase and wear our Doheny T-shirts, Jackets and colors. There are many other items and issues your membership entitles you to but are too numerous to go into here. Applications are available via e-mail or in person at our monthly meetings. Our monthly meetings are normally held on the first Saturday of every month in front of the Doheny Beach Snack Bar at 9:30 AM. I hope to see you are our next General Membership Meeting or out in the line-up.

Doheny Longboard Surfing Association

DLSA meets the first Saturday of each month near the Snack Bar/Boneyard Cafe in Doheny State Beach at 9:30 am; Come to one of our meetings and listen to what the club is all about. We encourage anyone who is interested to attend and meet us.